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All my sons -

All my sons

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For example- for instance.

Uneducated- ignorant of (ignorance, ignore).

Moved- touched.

Point at- indicating (to indicate, indication, indicator).

Mark, sign- imprint.

Excluded- secluded- , .

Suburb- outskirt- .

To tact- to knock lightly.

Opinionated- stubborn.

Favorable- fortunate.

Parsley- .

Cellar- basement.

To assume- .

Skinny- slender, thin.

Robust- heavy, healthy.

Affection- love.

Dominant- .

Domineering- .

Crack- .

To figure- .

To indicate- .

Dishonest/ honest- / .

Contradict, contradiction- , .

Evasive, evasion, to evade- , , .

Pause- .

Insane, insanity- , .

Straight- .

To know one's mind- .

To infuriate- .

throw a fit- .

To pull back/ to stand one's ground- / .

Inconsiderate/ considerate- / .

Manipulative, manipulation, to manipulate- .

To sprinkle- .

(in) significant (ly)- () .

Significance- .

Achieve- accomplish.

Achievement- accomplishment.

Reprimanding- blaming- .

To mourn- .

Exonerate- ().

Criminal negligence- .

The Story

Keller Family: Joe- Kate : Larry, Chris.

Deever Family: Steve- wife : Ann, George.

Bayliss Family: Jim- Sue : Bert, Tommy.

Lubey Family: Frank- Lydia : baby.

Keller- a serious man, old fashion, calculated.

Jim- a self- controlled man, easy talker, got sadness in his speech, cynical, doctor.

Frank- pleasant, opinionated, uncertain of himself.

Sue- overweight, not good looking, sarcastic, nurse.

Lydia- healthy, laughing girl, robust.

Lydia and frank have good relationship.

Keller is reading

"The jail game"- a cover on Keller's era in jail. This game is a bad sign for future. Keller's wife hate this game because it's connotations.

Keller and Chris sure that Larry is dead but they dont say that to mother that think he his alive. Larry is missing since the WW2. Larry was a pilot.

"Mother's dream"- mother dreams about Larry in his cockpit. She comes up with a headache. This dream is a sign combined with the broken tree, the baseball glove, the arrival of Ann who was intend to marry him.

Now Ann wants to marry Chris, while Keller and mother don't accept that.

Chris wants also to marry Ann but he doesnt sure because she doesnt know if Larry is dead or alive.

Ann mother lives in separate from his father, because he is in jail.

The cylinders story- Steve (Ann's father) and Keller were partners in cars factory. During the war, the factory started to produce cylinders to p-40s airplanes. Once they produced line of 21 spoiled cylinders that were sent to the army after Steve covered them. Those 21 cylinders caused the crash of 21 aircrafts near Australia. Keller and Steve both go to jail but Keller exonerated because he didn't present in the factory this day.

Ann hates his father because what he did. Ann and her brother try to forget him.

Ann thinks that Larry was one of the pilots that were killed because of that story.

Chris was the commander of a company in the war. He lost his all company and was the only one that survived. He feels bad about that.

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