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Nuclear Weapons

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Nuclear weapons are weapons that are based on nuclear materials.
There are several sizes of nuclear bombs, the largest nuclear bomb ever deployed: B17/B24 (~42,000 lbs., 10-15 megatons); the smallest nuclear bomb ever developed: W54 (51 lbs., .01 kilotons, .02 kilotons-1 kiloton).

The materials that are used for those weapons are: plutonium and high- enriched uranium. The main problem at making nuclear weapons is finding those 2 materials. Today a lot of nuclear weapons are disarmed but the amount of plutonium still in weapons is 43 metric tons.

Nuclear weapons like most other weapons ought to be tested before using them, as for now US tested over than 1030 weapons.

Nuclear weapons generate massive distraction and along with the explosion itself a radioactive radiation appears and destroys living creatures for a long range of time.  The largest explosion ever occurred is an explosion of 15 megatons, it happened at March 1, 1954.

Nuclear weapons are very expensive to develop; the average cost per warhead is 7000 US dollars.

Nuclear weapons developing first started in 1920, 16 years after Einstein's theory of atoms. Many scientists followed him in this field of atoms and the field now is one of the most important fields of governments in the whole world.

Today there is a fund that aims to those goals at the field of nuclear weapons:

- Finding nations and groups, which are trying to get involved with nuclear weapons and prevent them from doing so.

- Strengthen organizations that fight against the threat of nuclear weapons and ultimately eliminate the threat.

- Decrease the currency of nuclear weapons and convince states that avidness' of using nuclear weapons is better for them.

- Raising the level of awareness among the public of the things might happen by developing new, smaller, 'usable' weapons.

The fund goals in the field of nuclear materials are (those goals are affecting nuclear weapons in an indirect way):

- Efforts to get the world's attention focused on the most easily hurt sources of plutonium and high- enriched uranium, and to keep an eye on those materials.

- Watching on the production of plutonium and high- enriched uranium.

- Funding groups that show the world the impact of nuclear materials on: human health, the environment and global security.

- Helping programs that make the public aware of the opposition to plutonium- based nuclear energy tech.
Those technologies erase the fine line ever stood between the civilian and the military nuclear applications.

In conclusions, nuclear weapons can be very dangerous and the world should act against developing new weapons, in addition to that it should disarm all the nuclear weapons because the countries can defend themselves in other ways less dangerous than nuclear weapons.

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